Custom Bailing

We bale hay in Livingston, TX or the surrounding area

If you own livestock on your farm, then it's important to have plenty of hay bales to feed them with. But hay bailing can be a time-consuming process. Thankfully, R&J Land Management has you covered with our hay bailing services.

We make custom 4x5-foot hay bales that are great for livestock feed. Plus, we'll travel up to 75 miles from Livingston, TX for a job. We will work on a minimum of 20 acres for each hay bailing service.

Ready to get your own custom hay bales? Make an appointment for a hay bailing service today.

Providing you with top-notch hay

Providing you with top-notch hay

We create high-quality hay bales for all of our clients. We achieve this by:

  • Using top-notch equipment
  • Preparing the area ahead of time
  • Setting our bailer to the correct height

Call us at 409-550-4301 for a free estimate on a hay bailing service.