Get Rid of Unsightly Vegetation

Turn to us for mulching and underbrushing services in the Livingston, TX area

Do you need to clear a wooded area in Livingston, TX? R&J Land Management has you covered with our forestry mulching services. We'll grind all the vegetation into a fine mulch that'll improve the health of your soil and help prevent erosion and fires.

We also offer underbrushing services to specifically target vegetation under your tall trees. You can have us get rid of:

Smaller trees

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Clearing out lanes and fence lines

Clearing out lanes and fence lines

Along with clearing our underbrush, we can create lanes for you to use on your property. These are especially handy for hunting trails. We'll also clean up the outer edges of your property with a fence line clearing service. By getting rid of overgrown bushes, weeds and brush now, you can improve the look of your landscape and prevent future problems.

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